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A data geek and ed policy wonk. Tennesse's head cheerleader for HBCUs. I stand for inclusive excellence, liberated pedagogy, and getting rid of College Algebra as the default first-year math course.

Millennial | ENTP | Enneagram 3


A Lifelong Passion

"Knowledge is Power, Community is Strength, and a Positive Attitude is Everything."

The first generation in my family to attend college, my grandfather was a math major at Morehouse College (C'52), my grandmother majored in biology at Spelman College (C'51). My father, an engineer and city councilman and my mother, a non-profit doyenne, raised me and my siblings with the belief that to be successful was to learn and serve, both as much as possible.

What I wanted to be "when I grew up" changed regularly, starting with an author in first grade, an astronaut through middle school, then in high school, a pediatrician, a lawyer, and the first African American woman president of the United States. I am incredibly blessed that through those myriad career changes, my parents and teachers remained equally supportive: sending me to Space Camp, driving all over for Mock Trial Competitions, and buying supplies for endless, endless campaign posters for student council. What remained constant, was the knowledge that continuing my education would be the key to unlocking my future.

Today, I strive to be the best parts of all the people who raised me: a teacher, an advocate, and a servant leader. I am most passionate about supporting HBCUs, championing universal mathematical literacy, influencing public policy, and ensuring equitable access to and success in postsecondary opportunities. I honor the legacy of my hard-working and determined ancestors by dedicating everyday to leveraging the priviliges I have been afforded to make the world a better place.


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